Monday, April 28, 2014

The Post That Will Inevitably Be Linked To Often

So, this is my first post.  The commencement of a lifelong journey in self-improvement and self-discovery.  The movement from slacker to self-actualized, alpha male.

If you can't tell from all the hyphenated self words, a lot of the emphasis of the blog will be on the self, the individual.  Because this is where it all starts.  Having sat in the same place you (probably) are, I know that a true slacker can mentally countermand essentially any form of external motivation.  See that motivational commercial on TV with all the rippling abs and sweaty muscles?  Imagine how much they are deprived of to get that body!  See the "Visit my state and see all the great things!" commercial? Sorry, enthusiastic resident, I have no savings or money.  Hear your coworkers' stories about their crazy weekends? Sounds exhausting.  Your excuses may be different but no less "valid."

Note the "" around valid.  Because excuses are only as valid as how much people believe them.  One person can sit on a couch and dream about college but know he has absolutely no money to get there and no chance for a scholarship/grant.  Another person can dream about college and spends hours on hours collecting recyclables to get the money to go.  The difference? Priorities. 

And thus we reached the crux of the blog.  This process is about invalidating excuses and rearranging priorities.  Or, more accurately, it's about chronicling my personal process as I do those things.  I'm not going to pretend my original intent is to help anyone but myself.  But if this helps others achieve similar goals of improving themselves, so much the better.  I sincerely do hope that what I write here and post on my YouTube channel helps others. 

So, feel free to join me on this journey.  This blog will, no doubt, evolve as it and I progress.  I'm excited to see what changes the future brings.  I'm also a little terrified.  But that's another blog post.

-The Reformed Slacker

PS- Pardon the writing.  I haven't written anything that wasn't an official Marine Corps document for several years.  Hopefully it becomes less burdensome to read as the posts pile up.

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